We love this! We love whoever thought of making a platter in the shape of Mississippi and we love the fact that our state’s shape makes for such an attractive dish. It’s 11 X 7 inches with a quarter-inch lip, so it’s perfect for a zillion uses, both party and everyday.

We found this dish at the Canton Flea Market for something like $12. Doesn’t that just make your heart sing? It’s from Dirt Roads Pottery – they have tons of reasonably priced items in all sorts of styles and colors. They’re located in Edinburg (it’s near Philadelphia)  and they have a great backstory and a super duper website. 
Check them out at www.dirtroadspottery.com

Linda Vowell
06/09/2015 11:31am

Hi Sharon, How are you? I am looking for something to decorate the space above my cabinets and the ceiling. I have had a variety of baskets and I am tired of them. Let me know if you have anything. Probably would need to be about 12# high. Thanks, Linda


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